Monday, May 24, 2010


Sam and I spent the last two weeks in the Bahamas (our time share) we love the nice warm weather and seeing all our friens from Florida, Tenneessee, Missouri and Canada but its good to come home too. We came home saturday nite about 9:30 pm enough time to unpack do the laundry open two weeks of mail py the bills and get one day of bowling in to see all our bowling friends. Tomorrow nite at midnite we will all meet at Tom's house and take a bus to JFK to fly to Panama and then on to San Andres for Ryan and Marcela wedding which will be on the beach. It will be a really interesting vacation and everyone is looking forward to this time together. Sam and Anne Marie are taking Alec and Derek so it will be an good adventure for them as well especialy for Alec. Will fill you in after the trip.