Sunday, August 2, 2009

Utah Vacation

We had a wonderful vacation in Utah with Sally/Paul and family. Paul is a wonderful tour guide and loves to show people the great sights of Utah. We rode the ski lift at Sundance ski resort went to the BIG parade in Salt Lake city it is called the Pioneer parade and it was quite a parade. LOts of motorcyle police city, statepolice and the sheriff dept.. And so many beautiful horses either walking or pulling wagons, no fire trucks plus about 40 beautiful floats and many bands.
We went to the great salt lake and to Antelope Island and island in the lake it also has herds of buffalo's which get luck to see, off to the great Kennecut Bingham Canyon Mine,where Eric works it is an awesome sight eric pointed out the building where he works,he is a mechanic working on repairing the huge machinery that brakes down. The mine is the largest Copper mine in the world, we also went out to see Eric and Jackie"s horse and it is a very nice looking horse. We had dinner at Natalie and Ethan's house on sunday they are great cooks, we also got to see their 4 chickens who keeps them in A Good supply of eggs we all went to a Japanese Steak house for dinner we all enjoyed the little show the cooks do to entertain us while they cook in front of us. Kade was fascinated by all of this Addie not to sure. I took a Ryan Howard tee shirt for Kade and the look on his face was priceless when we told him it said Ryan Howard on the front as that is his favorite player, Addie got a little Princess tee shirt which she even slept in the first night.

It was a good vacation on the down side was thie cat Sophie was sick and did not make it 2 days later she was a good kitty cat trip home was good until we got into Phila. bad weather had to sit in plane 1 hour 15 minutes before we could get off because of really bad weather. Chris went with us her first trip out to UT and I believe she will go back again Thanks Sally and Paul


  1. i loved seeing you and grandpop. the kids had a great time and i love that they get to know you. thanks for the great dinner and the shirts. you are the best!

  2. We LOVE it when you come out! When is the next visit???

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  4. I loved having all the New Jersey folks visit this summer. Thanks again for letting me be a good tour guide.