Thursday, August 13, 2009


?You just never know

Yesterday when we went bowling we split up Sam bowled with anothe couple and I bowled with a mother and daughter. The mother is 88 years old , and can only see out of one eye and is left handed but has a 134 average, pettry good. The daughter is great has a 176 average and often bowls over 200 which she did yesterday. Well then there was me, 125 first game, a 91 2nd game, how embrassing then I guess I caught on fire and bowled a 180 had only 2 open frames, it made my day a good bit brighter. Sam says IT IS ONLY A GAME. now everyone says that and I say HEY IT IS BETTER THEN SITTING HOME. So goes to show the older generation can still have a good time.


  1. 180 is a great score! Way to go :>)

  2. That's great you enjoy it! One of these days Sam and I and soon Alec would love to go's been a long time.

  3. That's amazing! It's good that you both are staying active.


  4. Geez, i can barley bowl a 90 on average, i dont think i broke 100 in all the games iv played, you deffently got me beat!

    love you guys, see you next time we are out that way